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Album: Conquer the Video Craze

Published 1982

Conquer the Video Craze, from ALA Enterprises, Item #1991. From the liner notes: "The secrets, techniques and skills to master the play and t extend your playing time on all the latest and most popular video games are contained on this album. The author, Curtis Hoard, is an Atari Champion finalist. Due to his incredible skills he has been employed by a large game company exclusively to test all the new games in order to establish difficulty settings. There are few games in the marketplace that Curtis has not mastered. He has extensive experience at playing video games and deciphering their patterns and techniques of play. His analytical mind automatically envisions patterns and virtual line drawings of the games. He currently logs more than 8 hours of play per day and has been coined by his peers and friends as the "Human Video Game".

Curtis' remarkable ability and skill qualify him unquestionably as a true "conquerer" of video games. On his record Curtis reveals his strategies and tips which have made him one of the most skilled players in America.

So listen well and learn from this master how you too can become a skilled player, have hours of fun, and Conquer the Video Craze!

Good Luck!

Side 1:

Side 2:

The contents of this sound recording are not authorized by any video game manufacturer or distributor.

Produced by Drozen and Peck.
Written by curtis Hoard.
Songs: Linda Drozen
Cover Photography: Harry Peck
Cover Design: Rhonda Voo


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